The Impact of Agricultural Economic Development Variables on the Productivity of Strategic Crops in Iraq for the Period (1990-2020)

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Mohammed Omar Shareef, Jadoua Shehab Ahmed


The agricultural economic development and increasing productivity of strategic grain crops is the real base for economic development and food security. The agricultural sector, along with other economic activities, has a major role in removing the Iraqi economy from almost complete dependence on oil revenues. In order to clarify some concepts related to agricultural economic development and agricultural productivity and their relationship, the foundations of this study were laid. The average productivity of strategic crops in Iraq (wheat, barley, rice, yellow corn) was adopted as the dependent variable, which is an indicator of agricultural economic development in Iraq, increasing productivity. It indicates the progress of agricultural economic development. As for the independent variables, they are (expenditure on education, expenditure on health, accumulation of agricultural capital, unemployment rate, agricultural output, average per capita national income). Accordingly, the standard model was described and formulated, and after verifying the validity of the model, the standard models were estimated using the modified least squares method.The study showed many results and conclusions, the most important of which is that there is a decrease and fluctuation in the productivity of strategic crops, and that an increase in spending on education and health and an increase in capital accumulation would increase the productivity of strategic crops in Iraq. The study has many commandments, including the state to increase financial allocations to the education, health and agricultural sectors. The study also recommended the Ministry of Agriculture to review its administrative and organizational procedures. The study recommended the ministries of commerce and finance to establish a special fund to pay the prices of marketed grains for state silos.Introduction: The agricultural activity is one of the main axes in the economic and social life in Iraq, and the issue of agricultural economic development is one of the most important topics that occupy the attention of countries and planners in the field of development ,And the agricultural sector in Iraq is of importance because it is one of the most important sources of income for individuals and society, and it is a major source to meet the needs of food consumption and meet the needs of manufacturing industries that depend on agricultural production as inputs. Agricultural economic development is defined as a set of methods and procedures that affect the national economy and the lives of farmers, and it is the process that leads to technical transformation and change of production relations to achieve social justice .Agricultural economic development has indicators that are used to measure the strength and performance of sectors or the agricultural sector and to show the extent of progress in agricultural economic development. Educational and health services, unemployment, growth rate of agricultural or national output, population growth, capital accumulation, average per capita share of national or agricultural product, agricultural productivity and others. her job . (Adnan, Muhammad Wadih 1995).

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