The Effectiveness of the Pancasila Learning Model in Improving Pancasila Learning Activities in Higher Universities

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Ahmad Edison, Azwar Ananda, Z Mawardi Effendi, Maria Montessori


Purpose: This study aims to see the effectiveness of the Pancasilais learning model in Improving Learning Activities in Higher Education. The process of developing this model refers to the ADDIE development model.

Results: The results showed that the learning activities in the experimental class were better than in the control class. the value of student activity in the experimental class is better than in the control class. The total value of the average student activity in the experimental class is 84.8 with a very good/active category. It must be admitted that at the beginning of learning there are still students who are less concerned about participating in the learning process. However, with the patience of the lecturers to continue to create an interesting learning process, students also become more engrossed in using the Pancasilaist model than the learning model they have used so far. Based on the results of these studies, it is hoped that this Pancasilaist Learning model can be used for Pancasila lecturers in universities to increase activities in learning.

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