Exploring the prospects of E-Extension Services in Punjab, Pakistan

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Hafiz Amjad Ali Rana, Muhammad Shahzad, Tahir Munir Butt, Muhammad Iftikhar, Shahid Iqbal, Imran Khalid, Muhammad Awais Ali Khan, Humaira Hina


The right information is important in farming and it plays a critical role for the farmers to gain maximum productivity with the effective utilization of available resources. The agricultural extension ensures that each farmer has equal and timely access to the best information. The traditional extension system is under huge criticismandthe newness has become inevitable. The door-to-door extension needs to be replaced with a powerful e-extension system that can easily cover the limitations of a traditional extension. This study was conducted in the district Khanewal of Punjab, Pakistan to explore the potential of e-extension services among farmers. A totalof 234 randomly selected respondents were interviewed on a structured interview schedule. Results indicated that different types of ICT tools like computers (20.5%), mobile phones (41.0%), Radio (2.1%), Mobile apps (12.3%) and socialmediagadgets (22.2%) were being used for infotainment. The maximum time spent by the farmers on ICT tools was 3.27 hours and 2.48 hours on mobile phones and TV respectively. T-test of comparison showed a positive statistically significant difference in swing time for different crops (t= 11.328), seed varieties, treatment and rate (t= -6.336), weather update (t= 17.114), application of different fertilizer (t= 7.302) and marketing (t= 8.433). Based on the results, e-extension could be considered the future extension approach. Government and other agencies should channelise e-extension servicesfor the timely dissemination of needed information.

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