Effect of Microbial Antagonist and Fungicide against Fusarium Solani Causing Root Rot of Pea

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Tejaswini Pundlik Urkude*, Francis Xavier*, Vipul Kumar


Root rot is a one of the major disease in pea caused by Fusarium spp. Fungal pathogen of the disease was isolated from naturally infected pea crop and was confirmed as Fusarium solani f. sp. pisi. Infected plants exhibited poor growth, yellowing and drying of foliage with partially or fully damaged root system. Assessment of five microbial inoculants and one fungicide carbendazim were tested in lab and in pot condition.  Among the seven treatments including the control, Trichoderma harzianum exhibited highest inhibition percentage of 81.11% in dual culture studies. In case of percentage of germination, treated seeds with bio control agentsin earthen pots, Trichoderma harzinaum was found superior.  Soil treatment with bio control agents and fungicide,T. harzianum was found superior in reducing young seedling mortality and increasing yield percentage in pea. Therefore, the current studies could be helpful for pea growers by using microbial antagonist to achieve suitable management of seedling mortality by Fusarium solaniin Pea crop.

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