Study on an Emerging Disease Pokkahboengon Sugarcane in the Punjab State and Their Biological Control with Bioagent

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Mohit, Maneesha Kaushik, Dr. Deewakar Baral


One of the most significant crops for the production of sugar in India and other nations is sugarcane. In terms of sugarcane output, India comes in second. The objectives were taken into consideration while the research problem was developed and carried out. Pokkahboeng is a minor concern, but because to its fast epidemiology during the past several years, it is predicted to become a severe problem in the near future. The site is located in Punjab at 31.10 North, 75.420 East, and 235 metres above mean sea level. Data on diseases were compiled 60 days following the vaccination. The canes were split lengthwise, and the condition of the top was noted. A field sample of soil should be taken. The LPU field area was prepared for field experiments. The number of internodes that the pathogen transgressed, the lesion's width, and the presence of white spots were all noted. In this post, we've outlined the major fungal infections that affect sugarcane, along with their symptoms, indicators for diagnosis, and potential treatment options.

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