An Experimental Review on Mechanical properties of Jute/ Glass and coconut char composite material.

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J. G. K. Kumar, Dr. R. Venkatesh Babu


Currently there are lot of methods and trends are used for making different composite materials for different applications. There is also a high demand for these kind of materials. In this experimental process, the complete effect of the JGCC composite material were made and tested under different conditions. The entire procedure and the full process was made with the method of handlay up and LY556 kind of epoxy resin was used. More over the different properties like impact, tensile, compressive, flexural and finally shear strength for the prepared material was conducted and all the results were tabulated and graphically correlated. All the tests were been conducted based on the ASTM STANDARDS. All the results were carefully studied form the graph for the different combinations of the materials were made. The best results were obtained after several testing for the combination of  Jute/Coconut char/flax than the composite material made up of with glass and jute fibers.

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