Impacts of Job Satisfaction that Prevents Exit and Intent to Searching New Opportunity by the Existing Employees in Chennai Posh Hotels

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S. Nandhini, Dr. K. Santhanalakshmi


Researchers in hospitality management have evinced keen interest in the past decades to study the high employee turnover which is an important issue for many hoteliers in our country India. Despite the retention techniques adopted by the hoteliers, the employees exit of the organisation and intention to searching of new opportunity remains high. It is significant to note that employee morale is not only affected by high level of employees exit ratio,but it also leads to loss of employees’ happiness. In a highly competitive situation, the hotel industry should rely on effective management of employees and must reduce the intention to going out. There is a need to understand the service climate and associated aspects to evaluate the underlying the strategies for the posh hotel employees with respect to employee turnover.  The present study is attained to identify the impacts of job satisfaction and how to prevents the employees exit and searching the new opportunities which is related job satisfaction issues that were used to analyse the Posh hotels in Chennai city, in which the factor analysis were done to know the employees experience impact the job satisfaction and logical regression have done to know that how to prevent the exit as well as searching new opportunities outside. The study deals with four core operational departments.  A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to 350 employees of the luxury hotel. After a thorough review of the returned questionnaire, 310 were obtained appropriately and complete were used for the analysis. We have used statistical techniques for the analysis of the data collected.  The results of this study indicate that the demographic factors such as gender, age, education, marital status as well as the experience of the employees with job satisfaction factors

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