Effect of Swiss Ball Exercise and Progressive Resisted Exercise in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome among Young Obese Women.

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Mrs. Priya kumari, Dr. P. SenthiL selvam, Mrs. Sandhiya M, Ms. Narmadha M



Poly cystic ovarian syndrome is an hyper androgenic anovulation syndrome.  The heterogeneous condition is characterized by a series of symptoms including hirsutism, irregular menstruation and chronic anovulation. The physiology behind poly cystic ovarian syndrome is the excess secretion of androgen referred to hyperandrogenism which is marked by increased level of testosterone secretion in the blood


To study the effectiveness of Swiss ball exercise and progressive resisted exercise on polycystic ovarian syndrome among young obese women.


The study was conducted on 30 participants, they were divided into 2 groups with 15 participants. Group A performed Swiss ball exercise and Group B performed progressive resisted exercise with outcomes measures including BMI, waist hip ratio and PCOSQ.


The exercise program including progressive resistance training showed significant improvement among polycystic ovarian syndrome with p value less than 0.001 


The progressive resisted exercise is effective in reducing the weight in polycystic ovarian syndrome among young obese women with the BMI score, waist hip ratio and pcos questionnaire.

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