Political Capital of Minangkabau Nomads in the 2019 Legislative Electionin Indonesia

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Novendra Hidayat, Arry Bainus, Caroline Paskarina, Affan Sulaeman


This research examined the political capital owned by Minangkabau nomads from the Legislative Candidates for the Indonesian Parliament in the 2019 Legislative Election. Minangkabau is one of the institutionalized ethnic groups with migration tradition that is identical to the matrilineal kinship system in Indonesia. Migration is a valuable asset used by this ethnic group to support Parliament legislative contestations, in the 2019 Legislative Election. This is a qualitative descriptive research with data collection through interviews and documentation. The results showed that FadliZon and Jon Erizalare two Minangkabau nomads who managed their political campaignadequately to win the 2019 Legislative Election with significant votes in their respective constituencies. Furthermore, party support, ownership of political positions in the form of capacity and experience as incumbents, enabled them to achieve victory.

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