Development Of Smart Agriculture Water Tank for Malaysian Social Innovation (Mysi) Education Transfer Program

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M.H.M. Yatim , M.H.H. Razali , A.Q J. Puteh, A.H.Sulaiman, M.R.Zaini


Nowadays the world population increases, so the demand for clean water is raising. Rain is the faster resources that can recharge compared to ground water. Rainwater harvesting system (RWHS) is one of the traditional and easiest ways of rising fresh water supplies which meet the sustainable technique for agricultural application. This system already implements by many countries in the world as a viable decentralized water source. Malaysia can be classified as a country with high annual rainfall and a high consumption of domestic water. Malaysia is well and strategic positioned to harvest rainwater for both potable and non-potable uses. In this research describes collaborative and development affordable technology for capturing and retaining runoff starting from rooftop gutter until the tank storage using as a valuable source of water and recharge the percolation well and increase ground water level. In this regard, the development of a smart technique for controlling water quality in rainwater harvesting tanks to ensure that water flowing to the plants is clean water. The study also describes the application of turbidity sensor technology to control water quality in rainwater harvesting tanks using hardware component such as Arduino boards, Light emitting diode and solenoid valves. The main role of this system is to enable the farmers to not have to monitor the water quality as the system will automatically control the cleanliness of the water by opening the solenoid valve in case the water is dirty or turbid. System function tests have been performed to evaluate the performance of water turbidity sensors, whether prototypes are free of errors or errors. Based on the results shown, the system works well to control water quality automatically. In conclusion, the development of this turbidity sensor using the Arduino and the help of solenoid valves have been developed to control the cleanliness and quality of water in the rainwater harvesting tank so that the water supplied to the plant is clean, not dirty and free from turbid.

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