Issues, Expectations & Experience: A Critical Analysis of Female Employee’s Retention in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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Dr. Bhola Chourasia, Dr. Jyoti Prasad Kalita


Hospitality industry: An industry which seems very charismatic and striking but when it comes to the real life of personnel of tourism sector, it is challenging to perform long hour shifts and compromising with their family fundamentals, festive occasions, social gathering and personal celebrations.

Retaining of female employees in hospitality sector has always been dif- ficult due to altered and long hour shifts .In recent years; it has been observed that the retention rate of female employee is low. Anyway holding the current employees ought to be high, which may enlist and prepare the new representa- tives, and give them a recognizable situation of work in context to female repre- sentatives. Despite the fact that, the industry is concerned about the females in many perspectives by providing various facilities to satisfy their needs and re- quirements of different phases of life, still the attrition rate of female employee is higher in this sector.

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