A Literature Review on Customer Relationship Management

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Dr. R. Umarani, Dr. T. Sathya Priya, Dr. Ajit Prasad Mahato, Dr. Irfan Abdul Karim Shaikh, Dr. R. Shankar, Dr. K. Sumitha


The study examines the literature on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), with a particular emphasis on CRM's effect on client satisfaction and customer loyalty. CRM is a set of methods used by businesses to manage and grow their customer base. New approaches to leading business strategies can be developed through customer research in the CRM database are being created Analytical CRM analyses customer information or interactions using various data mining techniques. CRM optimism was the primary focus of academics and professionals working in information systems. This research in order to achieve fierce competition in the banking sector, this paper provides an analysis of CRM as well as new research. As competition is constantly waged to attract the greatest number of customers possible and taking into account poorly differentiated banking deals.

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