A Study on the NLP Dimensions of Rapport Building and Its Effect on Interpersonal Communication.

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Monalisa Mishra, Dr. Swayam Prabha Satpathy, Dr.RKS Mangesh Dash, Anubhav Mishra


Rapport is one of the primitive human resource skills. It is considered as the essence of all commercial, academic, and executive professions as it entails a close and harmonious relationship between people. It is frequently portrayed as a warm, relaxed relationship characterised by mutual trust, understanding, acceptance, and compatibility among individuals. The ancient traders, business exponents, and industrial exponents have all realised the potential of this skill with people, and as Mike White quotes, "You want to work with people who you like and have easy rapport with."

This paper highlights an NLP-oriented review of rapport science, which could generate focus on contemporary rapport building practises and enhance workplace efficacy, improve interpersonal relations, control conflicting interactions, and create the appropriate personal and professional charismatic influence using some NLP tools and techniques. A detailed insight into the modus operandi of rapport is the focal point of this article, along with the establishment of the co-relational parameters of rapport that bring about a strong interpersonal communication quotient of an individual.

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