A Comparative Study on the Level of Creativity of Secondary School Students in Urban and Rural In Malaysia

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M.A.Yahyaawal, Marzuki Ibrahim, Mohd H. Omar, Imran Abdullah, Muhamma, S. Ahmad, A. Rizal A. Rahman


Creativity is the ability to create, produce something new or modify it into something new. Creativity skills are increasingly emphasized as evidenced by the Malaysia Education Blueprint (MEB) 2013 - 2025 to produce creative and innovative students. This study aims to assess the level of creativity among students from the B40 income group in urban and rural secondary schools in Malaysia. The research instrument used is a set of questionnaires modified based on the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT) namely Verbal Test and Figural Test. TTCT is measured based on 4 measurement indices namely Authenticity, Fluency, Flexibility, and Descriptive. The respondents involved in this study consisted of 2400 secondary school students who were selected based on the characteristics appropriate to the focus of the research, namely students from the B40 income group, secondary school students, and 16 years old. The data obtained were analyzed using IBM Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21. To calculate the percentage and use descriptive statistics in percentage explain the differences of creativity variance. The results of the research found that the percentage of creativity of students in the city is higher where 14% for the very creative category and 25% for the creative category compared to 2% for the very creative category and 4% for the creative category from school students from rural areas. The researcher hopes that the findings from this research will be able to help stakeholders in planning the social system, education, employment, economy, and improve Malaysia's position in the index of Global Creativity and Global Creative Class to be comparable to other countries in the Asia Pacific in accordance with the Malaysia Education Blueprint (MEB) 2013 -2025.

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