Poverty among the socio religious groups in India: Some empirical reviews

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Mohammed Rishath, Dr.M.Senthilkumar,


For the first time, the empirical investigations compare various economic indicators of Hindu and Muslim religious groups in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh at the sub-caste level. Prior research understates the within-group component of economic inequality when it uses major caste groups as the unit of analysis. However, when analysed at the sub-caste level, our analysis discovers that there are significant within-group disparities in every economic measure. The study's inclusion of the present worth of wealth for economic comparison across socioeconomic groupings is the second important contribution. Finally, the study includes additional measures like financial participation and land ownership to provide a thorough assessment of the economic standing of various caste groups. Therefore, this paper aims some empirical reviews on poverty among the social groups in Hindu and Muslim communities in India

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