Intensity of Poverty among Muslims in Salem District: A Micro Level Study

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Mohammed Rishath, Dr.M.Senthilkumar,


Since India's independence, the problem of poverty has persisted as a major issue. The Indian government has stepped up its efforts to combat poverty by increasing budgetary resources, setting deadlines for quantifiable deliverables, and collaborating with international frameworks of action like the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which offer a comprehensive strategy for addressing multidimensional deprivations (UNDP, 2009). The socioeconomic goal for inclusive growth and development was defined in India's 11th five-year plan, which reaffirmed the nation's commitment to the MDGs (Planning Commission, 2009). In this essay, the degree of poverty among Muslims in Tamilnadu's Salem District was examined. 80 homes from four Panchayat villages provided the primary source of the data, which was gathered. The multi-stage sampling technique has been used in the investigation. For the data collection, a well-structured interview schedule was employed.

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