Using Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment in Sustainable Product Design :Case Study in the Kufa Cement Factory

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Ali Hussein Zkat, Bushra Abdul Hamza Abbas


The research aims to apply the fuzzy quality function dissemination tool to the cement product in the Kufa cement plant, and objectively determine the dimensions of sustainable design as it focuses on meeting the requirements of customers related to sustainability. Choosing the Kufa Cement Factory as a community for the study, and evaluating the extent of the laboratory’s commitment to the aspects of sustainability, and the research problem was represented by a main question that (what is the role of spreading the ambiguous quality function in achieving the dimensions of sustainable design), and the research sample was represented by (150) customers dealing with the factory and ( 153) of the workers in the laboratory, and the research used the method of the scientific method (case study), and the data was collected by relying on the questionnaire tool, and the results of the research confirmed that the application of the quality house in the foggy form contributed to providing more detailed information about the product and the environmentally harmful waste. By adopting the dimensions of sustainable design, it serves as a feasibility study during planning for product improvement.

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