The role of customer engagement in provoking customer buying behavior

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Israa Nazim Abdel-Zahra, Atheer Abdel Amir Hassouni


The current study aimed to shed light on the role of customer participation in provoking the purchasing behavior of a sample of customers and persuasive representatives of mobile phone companies and stores in the Middle Euphrates region, consisting of (115) customers. The purchasing behavior variable includes five main dimensions (product advantage, brand name, social impact, demand, and price), while the customer participation variable includes five dimensions (excitement, interest, absorption, interaction, and identity). For the purpose of achieving the goal of the study, a questionnaire was adopted to collect data related to the study variables, and then analyzed them by adopting some statistical methods such as (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, linear correlation coefficient, simple coefficient and regression coefficient). The statistical program (SPSS.V.25) and the program (Amos.V.25) were used to analyze the data, and a set of conclusions were reached, the most prominent of which was the existence of a correlation and effect between the study variables (purchasing behavior, and customer participation in conclusions), based on to it, and a set of recommendations were presented, the most important of which were.

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