Analytical Study on Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Strength Parameters with Stone Dust

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Abdul Ghaffar, Divya Prakash


Sustainable development is a need of time as humans excessively use natural materials for a particular use. The study uses stone dust, waste generated from a quarry in the concrete mix, to replace cement. It will help in understanding the change in the engineering property of concrete. The Stone dust steel fiber reinforced concrete (SDSFRC) is then developed for different mix design and every concrete block produced are then tested for strength after curing for 7 days and 28 days. The proportion of various constituents are added with a superplasticizer to improve workability. The results from the study state that the workability of concrete is 30mm for SDM 6, Compressive strength of concrete (SDM6) was 34.671 MPa and 46.012MPa for 7 and 28 days, respectively, and flexural strength of concrete came out to be 5.752 N/mm2 and 6.211 N/mm2 for 7 and 28days respectively. The results clearly show that the addition of stone dust to the concrete mix leads to an excellent effect on the strength and durability of concrete. The concrete mix design with stone dust as a constituent will be economical and sustainable as it consumes the waste produced from different industries.

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