Exploring the Security Vulnerabilities of Indian Consumers on using Internet of Things for Personalized Advertisements

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Himani Bhardwaj, Uzma Rukhsar


Background: Personalized advertisements using IOT technology for Marketing Communications with respect to the concerns of security vulnerabilities involved in process of collecting, processing and using personal data of consumers by Govt and Public/Private entities is a major concern globally. We are in “the Information Age” where all most all of our daily activities   revolve around data. It is a new field of study in business marketing discipline specifically with respect to Indian Consumers. The initiatives of Govt of India for digitization have widened the web of Internet in our country. Thereby, contributing in the increased use of smart devices and real time applications which are pervasively collecting consumer data for business purposes. Therefore, generating a strong need to secure our systems and communications to achieve consumer loyalty and trust for sustainable business and a safer digital society.

Objectives: This domain needs to be more explored to understand the consumer’s attitude such as privacy concerns, awareness of omnipresent data collection and security vulnerabilities associated with the process of generating personalized advertisements for carrying out more effective and secured future marketing communications.

Methods: The approach is to read, note, compare and analyse the literature to understand the research gaps and develop research objectives which can further contribute in the field of study. To develop hypothesis of the study on the basis of the read literature.

Conclusion: The study focuses at analysing the security vulnerabilities on using Internet of Things for Personalized Advertisements with respect to the Indian Consumers. It explores, the effects on Consumer Buying Behaviour due to security vulnerabilities on using of respective IoT products namely Smart phones, Smart watches and Smart TV. It aims to find out the effect on the attitude of Indian Consumers in the NCR towards personalized advertisements majorly on the parameters of Data Collection, Data Usage, Consumer Privacy Concerns and Smart Devices Security Vulnerabilities. Hence, the study will contribute in the application of personalized advertisements for sustainable marketing communications using IOT enabled smart products in context of India.

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