Text Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques

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K. Santoshi, U.Archana, D.Priyanka


Text classification is one of the most common way of sorting text into coordinated groups. It is otherwise called text tagging or categorization.Text classifiers can consequently examine text by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), and afterward relegate a bunch of pre-characterized labels or classifications considering the substance. It helps users to get the required information for their queries within less period and the obtained text or data would be relevant to their search. Many methods and algorithms are used for the classification of text, but the accuracy varies from method to method. CNN can be used for many classification tasks in NLP. Convolutional Neural Networks have one or more convolutional layers. These CNN layers are defined as kernels. The matrix of kernel with fixed sizes moves over the input data. Getting your data in the right dimensions is extremely important for any algorithm. CNN increases the overall classification performance. In addition to that, the performance of each class is higher than 94%. This result indicates that CNN can be used for defense systems to meet high precision requirements.

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