The Upswing of Online Sex Work in Indian Society

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Mr. Pranay Prakash, Dr. Namita Singh Malik


In one word, if we have to define the word prostitution then we can say that the prostitution means the pleasure of physical need commonly sex in lieu of money or any favor in kind.

Prostitution is a business carried by the prostitutes which are generally the women. The majority of prostitutes are females in India. This is generally an illegal work in the world; in India the prostitution is lawful but the associated works with the prostitution like running brothels, devadasi system, car picking, and working as pimps are illegal.A woman can merely decide to work as a prostitute out of her own free will and personal preference. I contend that the prostitute industry is like a coin with two faces. On one side of the coin is freedom, where women can choose to work as prostitutes out of their own free will. On the other side of the coin, there is no freedom for women to decide if they want to work as prostitutes or not. Women are coerced, kidnapped, or duped into prostitution on this specific side. When I use the word "force" in this situation, I don't just mean the force that traffickers or exploiters use against women.Economic and social issues are also part of the "force" that might push women into prostitution. These people are just coerced into prostitution by exploiters or traffickers without ever being asked if they want their bodies used for prostitution. Those who are socially, economically, and politically marginalised in society are the ones who are exploited by the sex business, including women and children. Women and children who are trafficked or exploited for prostitution are unable to exercise their right to self-determination since the traffickers and exploiters don't care if they provide their consent. The right to self-determination, as it applies to the southern hemisphere of the world, cannot be used to protect prostitution in this context. A country like India has millions of young forced sex workers of all the ages.

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