The Identity of Yugur Dance from the Perspective of Corridor Science

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Xianfeng Quan, Phakamas Jirajarupat, Qianqiu Jin


The Yugur dance identity has been researched herein through the methodology of corridor science. The following aspects have mainly been discussed: the cognitive discrimination of “corridor science” and corridor dance culture, the Yugur dance in the cultural area of “Hexi Corridor”, the change in historical patterns of Yugur dance and its influence on Chinese and foreign cultures, the ontological cognition of Yugur dance culture, and the inheritance and development of Yugur dance in the new era. Finally, it has been affirmed herein the diversity of Yugur dance culture under the influence of Corridor culture. It lays not only an important methodological basis for cultural identity but also a more comprehensive theoretical basis for dance teaching system and composition in the future.

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