Sustainable Product Design for Energy & Environment and Model Making

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Rupesh Manohar Surwade, Kanwaljit Singh Khas


The purpose of this paper is focuses on the importance of sustainable product design for the conservation of energy and environment and, to understand the requirement of such efforts in the prevailing energy issues at large.  Encourage the students, product designers to work on sustainable product design and model making. A phenomenographic approach was used in the research. With the ever-increasing concerns about energy and the environment, it's become critical to these factors into product designs and sustainable building forms. Simultaneously, it has become critical to analyses the product configuration cycle in order to reduce the product's carbon impact. Not only is the environment served, but also society and the economy. The three core issues of sustainability are the environment, society, and economy. Professionals (such as product designers, architects, and planners) are responsible for implementing energy saving and sustainability plans during the product design cycle.  As a result, the primary goal of product design and configuration must be to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources. This study presents product designs and sustainable built form suggestions through comparative perspectives in the field of sustainability.

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