Impact of Organisational Support, Job Enrichment, Job Satisfaction and Work Domain on Quality of Work Life

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N. Usha Deepa Sundari, Dr. P. Lakshmi Narayanamma


Background:The study investigates the factors which influence the Quality of work-life (QWL)  among employees at their workplace in the educational sector in Andhra Pradesh, India. The study measures how QWL helps the teachers to stabilize in their workplace

Objectives: The main objective of the study is to know the impact of OS, JE, JS and WD on QWL.

Methods:The design used for the analysis was a quantitative survey method, and 132 usable responses were collected from the employees working in the education sector. The questionnaire instrument was adopted from the Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) scale developed by Easton and Van Laar. In this study, Twenty items relating to the five dimensions of organization support(OS), job enrichment (JE), Job satisfaction (JS), work domain(WD), and Quality of work-life (QWL). The exploratory study indicates that QWL factors significantly contribute to teachers' productivity, performance, and overall growth of an organization. QWL is positively significant to OS, JE, JS, and WD, indicating that teachers feel happy to work, and QWL does matter to stabilize their workplace

Results:The results indicate a 68.70 % effect of organization support on the QWL of the academic staff, followed by a 66.22% effect of job satisfaction on the QWL. It also shows the Work domain and QWL of the teachers are positively related, showing a 61.20 % effect. Finally, QWL and job enrichment show a 50.92% effect, leading to teachers' work efficiency and stability in the workplace.

Conclusions: This research has a limited sample size, period, and factors considered under investigation, similar to other studies. Therefore, further scope in this direction canbe studied to widen the area of analysis.

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