Major Opportunities and Challenges of Rural Entrepreneurs in Chikkaballapur District.

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Sampath Kumar, Dr. Lakshminarayana K


Entrepreneurship is the procedure of creating, introduction, and operating a startup, such as a product, system, or business. The article attempts to identify the major opportunities and obstacles that rural entrepreneurship faces in order to determine its promise. It also seeks to focus on the following issues that entrepreneurs encounter, particularly in the areas of marketing and sales, water supply, electrical availability, transportation facilities, necessary power, as well as economical conveniencesIn light of this, this study efforts on the primary issues and difficulties that exist in the Chickaballapur district as well as the opportunities and prospects that exist within, in order to become capable and successful entrepreneurs. Rural entrepreneurship is now a significant possibility for persons who must relocate from rural or moderately areas to metropolitan ones. On the other hand, the majority of rural businesses face several challenges owing to the lack of basic utilities in rural regions.

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