Deformation Rate and Weld Time Influence on Optimized Dissimilar Metal Friction Welds of Pure Aluminium and Pure Copper

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Pratyusha M, Venkata Ramana P, Prasanthi G


Welding of dissimilar metals such as pure aluminium and pure copper has been performed by a solid state welding through continuous drive rotary friction welding process. After carrying out the experimental work based on Taguchi L9 Orthogonal array, the factors Upset Force, Spindle Speed, Burn-Off and Friction Force were optimized. Tensile strength and shear strength are considered as responses. Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance revealed that Upset Force and Spindle Speed are significant process parameters in controlling tensile strength and shear strength of the weld joint respectively. These strengths are correlated with deformation rate and weld time. Regression model was generated and validated by performing the experiments at optimized parameters.

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