Speed and Torque Assessment of Fopid and Hysteresis Controlled Bsc-Svmi-Induction Motor Drive

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Lavanya R, Jayalakshmi V


This work explains the operation of BSC (Bootstrap Converter) with SVMI (Space Vector modulated Inverter). It aims to improve the speed of bootstrapped converter-inverter based Induction Motor drive (BSC-SVMI-IM) using FOPID and Hysteresis Controller (HC). This work compares the assessment among FOPID and PI-hysteresis controlled BSC-SVMI-IM frameworks. The BSC is preferred among the rectifiers and SVM inverter is preferred for voltage-pick up. The dynamic reaction of BSC-SVMI-IM is improved using the HC.

Objectives: This work is performed to improve the operation of BSC-SVMI-IM framework utilizing appropriate regulator in closed-loop. Open loop BSC-SVMI-IM framework with disturbance, closed two loop FOPID-FOPID and PI-HC based BSC-SVMI-IM frameworks are simulated using Simulink and their results are compared.

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