Management of Road Accidents in Cities Through Smart Technologies

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Mithun R, Dr. Roopadarshini S


Management of road accidents has been a challenging task in the country like India, whose vision is more focused on smart cities development.The reporting of vehicle accident incidents immediately in case of emergency is being delayed and the death rate is increasing in such cases,due toless concentration on usage of technology in the management of road accidents in smart cities.The recent availabletechnology used in the management of accidents through vehicles are challenging, as they not smart enough, unreliable, ease of application is unrealistic, not so economic friendly, and they are not meant for all vehicles too, as the detection of accidents and the immediate response or plan of action for it is unrealistic.The main contribution from our research is to detect accidents and respond to the notification which would be sent through our accident management system generating short message serviceto the concern person’s family, nearby hospital, ambulance, local volunteer, police station, vehicle customer care, to all the respondentsimmediately. In this paper we have a proposed our idea on managing the road accidents in smart cities through smart vehicle technologywhich would assist the policy makers of smart city mission.

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