The Effect of the Active Reading Strategy for Teaching Biology to Second-Grade Intermediate Students in Their Imaginative Thinking Skills

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Roqaya Loay Mohammad Shams al-Din, Dr. Nadia Hussain Younis Al-Afoun


 The aim of the current research is to identify the effect of the active reading strategy in teaching biology to second-grade intermediate students on their imaginative thinking skills

The two researchers adopted the experimental design with partial control to achieve the goal of the research, and the current research community identified  with second-grade students in the intermediate government schools of the Baghdad Education Directorate / Al-Resafa /1 for the academic year (2021-2022 AD), and  Al  Safina Intermediate School for Girls was chosen to be the second-grade students, to  be research sample in intentionally, two divisions were randomly selected from a total of four divisions to be one of them experimental and the other control, the research sample amounted to (71) female students, with (36) female students in the experimental group and (35) female students in the control group, valence was made between the two research groups (experimental and control). in the variables (intelligence test, chronological age, previous biological information test, imaginative thinking skills test), the teaching plans were prepared for the two groups,the first researcher taught the two research groups herself during the ten-week trial period of the first academic course for the academic year (2021-2022 AD). The two researchers prepared a test for imaginative thinking skills consisting of (12) essay items, divided into four skills, meaning that each skill has three test items. The validity of the two research tools was verified by presenting them to a group of arbitrators, and their psychometric properties.                                                                  

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