Emerging Trends of Knowledge Management Practices in Small scale industries at Bangalorecity

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Sujitha Paul.H, Dr. R.Murugesan


Today’s accomplishment and worth of a business rely more upon scholarly capital than actualcapital. Henceforth, information that exists inside an association is a reasonable wellspring ofupper hand, which makes Information. The Knowledge Management Practices (KMP) is a basiccontribution to the development of any association and all the more so on account of small scaleindustries (SSI). Despite the fact that much has been investigated and composed regarding thematter of information the executives in enormous associations, next to no concentration andexploration has been done on KMP in SSI. Globalization of supply chains, quick mechanicaladvances, prevalent profits from scholarly capital, and the developing significance of informationseriousventuresmakeKManessentialinstrumentinthedevelopmentandachievement,everythingbeingequal.KM-empoweredSSIsarefundamentalforseriousandmanageabledevelopment.Consequently,aprudentmethodologyforKMinSSIsisanabsolutenecessityinthecurrent situation. The general mission of this section is to help specialists in perceiving andunderstanding the information in a board range for small scale industries in Bangalore city. Thiswouldbefundamentalforfruitfulobjectiveachievementandreasonablebusinessinacontemporarycomplexeconomy. TheultimateobjectiveofthisstudyistofindtheexistingtrendsinKMP, problems encountered bySSIs, Innovativestrategies to developSSIs.

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