Acrochordons (skin tags) as a Marker for Insulin Resistance – A case control study from tertiary care centre in South India

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Dr. M. Trishna Vaishali, Dr. S. Murugan


Skin Tags (Acrochordons) are fibroepithelial skin tumors. They are acquired benign polyps seen in areas like the neck, axillae, groins (areas of friction), and periorbital region. They are papules that protrude from the skin’s surface and can present singly or as multiple lesions. Size varies from (2-10mm). They grow progressively in size and do not involute spontaneously.1,2Histologically it is a polypoid lesion with an overlying mildly acanthotic epidermis, a loose edematous fibrovascular core showing chronic inflammation, and a nerveless dermis.3,4

 The study is aimed toestimate the prevalence of insulin resistance (IR) in patients with Skin Tags.

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