Managing Career Shock for Gen Z

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Ms. Pooja Khanna, Dr. Vickram Sahai, Dr. Amit Nautiyal


Purpose: Covid19 has negatively impacted global economies and employment and has brought about career shock. To be career adaptable, MOOCs offer a platform whereby the Gen Z students can enhance their competencies and be career adaptable.

Methodology / Approach: Pre-final year engineering students of a University situated in north India were offered free licenses in a popular MOOC, Coursera to enroll in courses that will support in enhancing i their competencies and be career adaptable.

Findings: From April to August 2020 , 690 pre-final year graduate engineering students enrolled in 7211 courses , of which, 3869 courses were completed by them. The students opted for inter, even multi-disciplinary courses with 83% saying that it supplemented their learning on being career adaptable. 

Limitation: Psychological areas have not been explored for the gap between enrollment and discontinuance of courses by the students.

Implications: Universities can adopt MOOCs as a supplement to develop competencies in Gen Z. This will support them in managing their careers in light of national trauma, Covid19 pandemic.

Value: The availability of MOOCs provides self-paced and relatively inexpensive courses to Gen Z to enhance their competencies. This will enable them to be career adaptable especially during disruptive events like the Covid19 pandemic.

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