Application of Source Management and Human Values based on Religious Values at Bank Syariah Indonesia

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Reza Nurul Ichsan, Iskandar Muda


Human resources are the greatest force in the processing of all creatures on earth. Therefore, these existing resources must be managed properly because it is a mandate that will be held accountable in the future. To get good management, of course, knowledge is needed to support the empowerment and optimization of the benefits of existing resources. The purpose of this study is to find out how the application of MSDM to Bank Syariah Indonesia, whether it is in accordance with religious values i, by looking at the management practices carried out by Bank Syariah MandiriMandiriIndonesia Office. This research uses a qualitative method where data collection is carried out by interviews and observations in more depth during a certain period so as to be able to explore and get further information about the application of MSDM based on religious values. The object of this study is a bank that is engaged with the Sharia system, namely BSI. Then the subjects in this study are employees at BSI who have served for more than 1 year and are permanent employees. The results obtained state that broadly  speaking religious values i remained considered and applied in msdm practice in BSI. The Religious Aspect i demonstrated by including several criteria, tests, or materials in some management practices. Then the spirituality side is also seen from the participation of employees in several religious activities held, this reflects the religious side of a person.

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