Awareness On Financial Education Among The Students Of Dkd College, Assam

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Diganta Kr. Mudoi, Dr Philip Mody


Financial Education is construed as an ability of a person to understand dynamics of money and sound financial decisions.It is important for every person irrespective of age groups. Infact, scope of financial education is not limitedonly to an investor, but it also includes young generations like school, college or University going students for their successful financial planning. The study has revealed that, 100 percent of total sample hold opinions of need for Financial Education in Schools and Colleges. Astoundingly, majority of the studentsof DKD College are unaware of various aspects of financial planning. In addition, 86.25 percent of the total sample are unveiled to have set up only General Goals instead of Smart Goals. Further, 65.71 of total sample have fully agreed upon meeting unexpected expenses during rainy seasons as primary reason for saving and investment. Furthermore, majority of the respondents, which constitutes 62.86 percent of the total sample are totally in strong disagreement with ‘saving and investment for speculation in stock markets.’

With this background, the study endeavors to analyze need for and awareness of Financial Education among students ofDKD College. Further, it tries to examine setting of General Goals or Smart Goals among the students of Study Unit.Furthermore, the present study makes an effort to analyze the reasons for Saving and Investment among the students of DKD College.


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