An Empirical Approach to the Market Efficiency that influence Indian Investors’ Perceptions about Bitcoin: The Case of India

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Dr. S. Amudhan, Dr. D. Srikanth, Dr. M. Kannan, Dr. S. Kalaivani, Dr. P. Ganapathi, Dr. J. Poornima


This research study's goal is to assess the empirical study of Bitcoin adoption based on market efficiency and factors that affect investors' perspective. Empirical research is the focus of this study. India was chosen as the study's location because of the nation's remarkable advancement in the banking and investment sectors, despite its comparatively late entry into these sectors relative to other nations. As a result, an adoption model was examined using an expanded version of the market efficiency model that included new factors. Individual investors of various ages (n=383) made up the sample. The analysis and assessment method for the model was decided upon as structural equation modelling (SEM-AMOS) as well as One Way ANOVA and reliability analysis.  The findings revealed that the perceptions of market efficiency, supply, demand, and rival crypto currencies influence Indian investors' decisions to buy Bitcoin. On the other hand, it was discovered that the desire of Indian investors to invest in Bitcoin was not significantly impacted by simplicity of use, profitability, awareness, subjective norms, or trust.

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