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Sandesh Hegde, Dr. Ramachandra CG, Dr. Nagesh S N, Dr. Prashanth Pai M


Presently the two primary causes of the energy issue are the world's fast growing population and rapid improvement in people's living standard.As a result, there is an energy crisis that affects everyone in the world, and the cost of energy is increasing. It is generally acknowledged that the energy as we now use, will not be adequate to meet the needs of all people on the planet in future, hence cleaner and more plentiful alternative energy sources are required which may be in the form of hybrid energy also.Renewable energy sources will certainly become more prominent.Modern civilizations needs cheap, plentiful energy to survive,therefore, it is crucial for human civilization to create a sustainable, affordable, and environmentally benign alternative sources of energy.The global energy dilemma may have an efficient solution in the form of wind power. It is a source of clean and green energy that is completely safe, affordable, and an environmentally friendly. In current state of affairs, the air could seems like insignificant to any or all. However we tend to all grasp that, the planet has shaped up with associate uneven surface, which suggest that the sunrays could strike these surface with variable intensities at numerous spot on its uneven surface. This creates associated degree of unequal degree of heating of the earth surface, that which causes variation in part of atmospheric pressure thereon. Then it leads to wind. The Kinetic energy of these air molecules is nothing but wind energy. A mechanical mechanism known as a wind turbine which transforms, kinetic energy which  is there in the air around it into the required form of mechanical energy. Here in this research we focused on the repellent qualities of permanently magnetized objects with similar poles. These innate qualities of magnetic propulsion are used here as an energy sources. Due to the inclusion of this components like magnetic repulsion, our VAWT system will operate more effectively even at lower wind speeds circumstance also. This magnets will produce a repulsive force that will add various sorts of kinetic energies to the wind turbines as they convert wind energy's kinetic energy of into the necessary mechanical power when it’s employed as an extra source of energy in a VAWT.


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