The Special Education is an international publication that seeks to supplement the scientific and practical resources for the education and social participation. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners working in a wide range of fields and settings.
The journal also carries out a scientific communication mission: it brings together researchers and practitioners from the Baltic States and other countries working in the field of education and social participation. The journal publishes articles that have been positively evaluated by experts and present the results of an analysis of theoretical thinking, empirical research, and practical experience of educational and social intervention.
The journal aims to be multidisciplinary, open to educational, psychological, sociological, medical, managerial, political, and more. will not be able to traditions of analysis. In addition, the journal aims to be innovative, publishing only the latest achievements in scientific thought and empirical practice, as well as original articles. Articles in the journal can be published in Lithuanian, English, German and French, with extended abstracts in English / Lithuanian. Journal information and abstracts are published in international scientific databases (EBSCO publishing).
The Journal publishes high-quality works analyzing the educational, social, psychosocial, etc. of people with various disabilities and special needs. The analysis of the situation should be based on the latest socio-political provisions and documents. Only articles that are ethically sound and do not contain any signs of discrimination against people with disabilities (provisions, statements, terms, etc.) are acceptable.

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Coverage Areas
The journal encourages the publication of original research and development studies, provides theoretical material and resources, and offers a platform for exchanging information and discussion concerning important issues in the area of special education to scholars, teacher educators and practitioners. Some of the potential approaches could be:
  • assessment and evaluation of the student/class, individual/collective needs;
  • basic and advanced theories of special education;
  • traditional and modern methods, recent developments and impact of technologies like modern communication, Information technology, medical advances;
  • social psychology, educational psychology;
  • learning disabilities and disorders: communication disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities and developmental disabilities;
  • social work, rehabilitation;
  • special education design and organization, adapted teaching areas and resources, special education curriculum, instructional strategies;
  • methods of provision: inclusion, mainstreaming, segregation;
  • teacher/student interaction and attitude during the educational process;
  • special education, nursing education;
  • social and cultural integration of the student;
  • national and international strategies, framework and organization.

Types of Papers The Journal accepts the following categories of papers:
  • Original research
  • Position papers/review papers
  • Short-papers (with well-defined ideas, but lacking research results or having preliminary results)
  • Technology Discussion/Overview Papers

Peer Review Process
All submitted papers are subjected to a comprehensive blind review process by at least 2 subject area experts, who judge the paper on its relevance, originality, clarity of presentation and significance. The review process is expected to take 8-12 weeks at the end of which the final review decision is communicated to the author. In case of rejection authors will get helpful comments to improve the paper for resubmission to other journals. The journal may accept revised papers as new papers which will go through a new review cycle.

Vol. 1 No. 43 (2022)

Published: 2022-02-15

Pronoun Oud in Arabic


103 - 125

Historical References On The Presence Of Omani Travellers In Malaysia

Rahmah Binti Ahmad H. Osman, Muhammad Nabil Nadri, Md. Salleh Yaapar, Saleh Alzeheimi, Wan Norizzati Wan Fazli, Mohamad Firdaus6

207 - 219

The prominence of Omani Maritime Networks

Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman, Malika Gheraissa, Saleh Alzeheimi, WanNorizzati Wan Fazli

220 - 232

Development Of Artistic and Cultural Skills in Basic Training.

Noemi Esther Navez Curasma, Edgar Froilan Damian Nuñez, José Antonio Villacorta Huapaya

251 - 259

Cost Efficient Communication Laboratory: A Teaching Aid

Sagar B. Shinde, Suchitra A. Khoje, Sandeep U. Kadam, Rupesh Patil, Chaitali Shewale

260 - 281

Financial Markets Development and Economic Competitiveness Growth in ECOWAS

Raymond Awonatezuaka Achiyaale, Dr. Jennifer Ellah Adaletey, Tamer M. Alkadash , Dr. Joseph Ato Forson, Daniel Komla Tsorhe

282 - 299

Folded Leafy Cube -A Reliable High Performance Computing System for Big Data

Sadashiba Pati, Nibedita Adhikari, Vinaya Singh

300 - 322

Implementation of Performance Management process in Industries - Impact on employee sustainability

Ms. P Kranthi, Dr Kiran Kumar Thoti, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mateen, Dr. K. Nageswara Rao

347 - 352

A Study On Organisation Culture And Employee Engagement

Dr. K. K. Ramachandran , Dr. M. Deepa , Ms. Vallabi

391 - 412

Preferred Investigation techniques for congenital heart disease in India – A retrospective study

Pooja Karuppaswamy, Sangeetha A, Suma S, Kumaresan M, Karuppaswamy V

423 - 428

Property Tax And Tax System For Revenue Mobilization

Dr. Jennifer Ellah Adaletey, Tamer M. Alkadash, Raymond Awonatezuaka Achiyaale, Dr. Kofi Mintah Oware

429 - 449

STABILITY IN RAPID MAXILLARY EXPANSION: A Systematic Review Of Randomised Controlled Trials

Dr Deepak Chandrasekharan, Dr Dhivya Dilip Kumar, Dr Deena dayalan Purushothaman, Dr Akshay Tandon, Dr Nidhi Angrish , Dr Krithika A , Dr Katepogu Praveen

510 - 515

Successful Management of Alopecia Areata in Children With Oral

Dr. Swetha Sri S ; Dr. M. Premkumar; Prof. Dr. Jayakar Thomas.

516 - 522

How Social Capital Activates Entrepreneurial Orientation, Access to Government support policies, and SMEs Performance in an Emerging Market Amidst Covid-19

Solomon Gbene Zaato, Mohammad Ismail, Sathiswaran Uthamaputhran, Roselina Ahmad Saufi, Kiran Kumar Thoti , Wilberforce Owusu-Ansah, Joseph Owusu

553 - 574

CRM Loyalty Programs

Sudha Anand , R.Shanmugam, P.S.Rajeswari

606 - 615

On Solving an Amusing Puzzle

Dr. R. Sivaraman, J. Suganthi, Dr. A. Dinesh Kumar, P.N. Vijayakumar, Dr. R. Sengothai

643 - 647

Quality Of Work Life Among Women

Ms. Monika,R. Shanmugam,P. S. Rajeswari

648 - 659

Features Of Teaching Applied Geometry of Surfaces of Special Classes

Rushana R. Anamova, Lidiya G. Nartova, Svetlana A. Leonova, Ayubjon J. Vokhidov

660 - 670

Is Women’s Emancipation the Underlying Current of Tagore’s English Plays?

Dr. Jayashree Premkumar Shet, Dr. Tribhuwan Kumar

671 - 682

A Study on Customers Satisfaction of Cosmetic Products Using social media

Dr Venkatasalem Suresh, Dr Priya K, Dr Prem Kumar Balaraman

693 - 699

Conceptual framework of Healthcare Service Quality Models

Kabiru Hammanjoda, Dr. Arora Gaurav Singh

711 - 723

Nanotechnology In Orthodontics – A Short Review

Dr. Krithika. A*, Dr. S. Kishore kumar

745 - 754

Stunted Growth of Employment in MSME

Ms. Savita Nehra, Dr. RK Arya

764 - 772

How Indonesian Policymakers Turned to Madrasas for Inclusive Religious Education During the Outbreak

Unik Hanifah Salsabila, Syarif Hidayatullah, Syahdara Anisa Makruf, Siti Khodijah, Angga Febianto, Achmad Sopian, Unik Hanifah Salsabila

790 - 802

Attack Detection and Mitigation in Industrial IoT : An Optimized Ensemble Approach

Bibhuti Bhushan Behera, Rajani Kanta Mohanty, Binod Kumar Pattanayak*

879 - 905

Fire Safety Awareness Among Malaysian Public Hospital

Zamri Senin, Yahya Mohamad Yatim, Siti Asmah Zolkefly, Noor Laila Mahpot, M.Ruhaifi Md Isa @ Mansor

922 - 940

Green Innovation Among Cottage Industries in India.


947 - 951

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Practices in Indian Energy sector

Himanshu Arora, Naqui Anwer, Sapna A Narula

981 - 1002

Sustainable Product Design for Energy & Environment and Model Making

Rupesh Manohar Surwade, Kanwaljit Singh Khas

1003 - 1012

Students’ Satisfaction with Public Services in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Vietnam

Huy-Hoang Tran, Duc-Minh Nguyen, Hao Thi Nguyen, Ngoc Hai Tran

1021 - 1046

A Comparative Study on the Level of Creativity of Secondary School Students in Urban and Rural In Malaysia

M.A.Yahyaawal, Marzuki Ibrahim, Mohd H. Omar, Imran Abdullah, Muhamma, S. Ahmad, A. Rizal A. Rahman

1047 - 1057

A Study on the NLP Dimensions of Rapport Building and Its Effect on Interpersonal Communication.

Monalisa Mishra, Dr. Swayam Prabha Satpathy, Dr.RKS Mangesh Dash, Anubhav Mishra

1058 - 1066

Development Of Smart Agriculture Water Tank for Malaysian Social Innovation (Mysi) Education Transfer Program

M.H.M. Yatim , M.H.H. Razali , A.Q J. Puteh, A.H.Sulaiman, M.R.Zaini

1076 - 1081

Effect of Swiss Ball Exercise and Progressive Resisted Exercise in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome among Young Obese Women.

Mrs. Priya kumari, Dr. P. SenthiL selvam, Mrs. Sandhiya M, Ms. Narmadha M

1082 - 1094

The Effect of Exercises Similar To Playing In Developing the Performance Endurance of Young Football Players

Jawad Kareem Abass , Prof. Ahmed Mortada Abdel Hussein, Prof. Dr. Khaled Mohamed Red

1115 - 1126

Current Trends of Development in Chatbot Systems

Sayyed Khawar Abbas, Dr. Zoltán Szabó, Dr. Andrea Kő

1157 - 1168

The Actualization of Desa Rukun Program To Strengthen Tolerant Character as an Attempt to Prevent Radicalism in Tasikmalaya District

Rahmat1*, Encep Syarief Nurdin, Prayoga Bestari, Sri Wahyuni Tanshzil, Ray Adhari Jajuri, Dini Agnesti

1186 - 1197

Ways to Optimize Medical Services for Covid-19 Patients

J.A. Rizaev, Z. B. B. Umirzakov, S. E. Umirov

1217 - 1224

Sentiment Dynamics Detection of Online Learning Impact using Hybrid Approach

Somdeep Das ,Sandip Roy, Rajesh Bose, Pinaki Pratim Acharjya, Hiranmoy Mondal

1225 - 1236

Indian Touristry : then and now

Dr. H Rajashekar, Punitha S J

1256 - 1264

Generalized Fixed Point Theorems of Ciric Type in Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Kusuma. Tummala, A. Sree Rama Murthy, V. Ravindranath

1276 - 1287

The Link Between Productive Capacities And Living Standards In The Balkan Countries

Llambi PRENDI, Daniel BORAKAJ, Prof. Flora MERKO, Luftim CANIA,

1288 - 1297

Teaching English In Low Resource-Environments: Problems And Prospects

Gift Chidi-Onwuta. PhD, Nkechinyere Nkem Iwe, Christabelle P.C Chikamadu

1298 - 1316

Eight Letter Dna : A New Diagnostic Aid In Oral Medicine

Dr. M. Shanthi*, Dr. R. Raju Ganesh

1365 - 1371

A Review of Human Emotion Recognition

Kanchan S. Vaidya, Dr. Pradeep M. Patil, Dr. Mukil Alagirisamy

1423 - 1451

Influence Of Career Competency Development And Satisfaction On A Firm

Mr. Chinmay Das , Dr. S Chandrasekaran,

1505 - 1518

A Study On Online Shopping Behavior Among The Consumers At Chennai City

Dr. K.S. Sathyanarayanan., Ms. Rumana Parveen. A

1548 - 1552


Dr. Ritu Kothiwal, Dr. Priyank Sharma, Dr. Deepak Sharma,Dr. Ankur Goel, Dr. Kumar Ratnesh,

1568 - 1580

E-Commerce: Problems and Prospects

Dr V Vijaya Kumar, Dr N Chandan Prasad

1621 - 1628

Magnitude of IT in Indian Banking Industry

Dr. VD Santosh Kumar, G. Dharmender, S. Ramalingeshwara Prasad

1629 - 1639

Indian Family-Owned Businesses and Its Ownership Transitional

Dr. C. R. Senthilnathan, Dr. V. Hemanth kumar

1640 - 1645

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Customer Satisfaction during the Covid-19 in Telangana

K Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, Dr. D Jagadeesan, Dr. Thavva Vara Lakshmi

1657 - 1675

The Effect of Customer Satisfaction in Digital Marketing on During the Pandemic Period In Telangana State

K Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, Dr. D Jagadeesan, Dr. Thavva Vara Lakshmi

1676 - 1687

Impact Of Macroeconomic Variables On Gold Price In India: An Empirical Examination

Ramesh Muthangi, Dr D Senthil Kumar, M Madana Mohan

1688 - 1694

Taxation Of Crypto Currency and Virtual Digital Assets In India: A Critical Analysis

Dr. P. Venkaiah Babu, Dr. Prameela Rani Mannava, N. Ganesh, Dr. Y. Seethamahalakshmi

1713 - 1717



1749 - 1760

The Effect Of The Triple Peer Learning Strategy On Learning Some Basic Football Skills For Students

Ammar Khamat Abdel-Zahra, Prof. Dr. Khalil Hamid Mohammed Ali


Actualization of the Linguistic Rhetorical Construct "Success" in the Era of the Pandemic

Vorozhbitova Aleksandra A., Pyankova Tatyana V., Trotsiuk Svetlana N., Natalya Yu. Khachaturova


The effect of Appleton's constructivist model on learning the skills of spiking and blocking in volleyball for students

Alaa Hassan Hatam , Prof. Dr. Hayder Salman Mohseen, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ebtighaa Mohammed Qasim

1908 - 1928

The effect of the Posner model for conceptual change on the performance of refereeing in female handball

Dhuha Jawad Kadhum , Prof. Dr. Hayder Salman Mohseen , Assist. Prof . Dr. Abbas Abdulhamza Kadhim

1929 - 1942

LEffect of Accounting Information Systems on Corporate Governance in Pharmaceutical Companies in Jordan

Dr. Lena M. M. Zayed, Dr. Mahmoud F.Z Ismail, Dr. Othman H.O. Othman , Dr. kayed A.A Alttaer, Dr. Haitham I. M. Almubaideen

1987 - 1998

Online Psychology Education for Students in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pribadi Asih, Herlan Suherlan, Bertha Jean Que, Ira Kusumawaty, Patriandi Nuswantoro, Asrianti Asrianti ,Andiyan Andiyan

2009 - 2018

World’s Cognizance of Oman

Cuneyt Yenigun

2037 - 2053

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